Protect Your Business with TFPS – The Ultimate Telephony Fraud Prevention System

Tailored Security Solutions for Every Communication Service Provider

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Secure your communications and safeguard your valuable information with our state-of-the-art TFPS service. 

In the realm of security, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each company faces unique challenges and demands that necessitate a tailored security program. It’s counterproductive to adopt an anti-fraud solution without addressing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure or ensuring that staff members are adequately trained in security practices.

Our Telephony Fraud Prevention Solution (TFPS) is adaptable to various configurations, depending on your current softswitch setup. We are dedicated to providing you with a customized security program designed to effectively combat telephony fraud and pbx hacking, while seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure.

If you are a Communication Service Provider seeking the best security strategies to safeguard your business and keep it thriving, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced specialists. We are here to help you identify and implement the ideal solution for your unique needs.


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Why Choose Us

10 years of experience on AntiFraud

Experience counts

Flexible Implementation

AUse SIP redirects, REST APIs or an exclusive Session Border Controller

Acts after an account gets compromised

Not a simple IP blacklist, but full detection of fraud attempts even from valid IPs

Continuous update by crowdsourcing

We got our anti-fraud information from honeypots and from detections.

Client Testimonials

“What really makes the system work is the layered approach.  There are settings for calls per second, simultaneous calls, total calls per day and you can define off hours settings with a different set of those same variables.  Additionally, you can set the allowed origination country list as well as allowed destination county list.  It is impossible for us to calculate how much TFPS has saved us and our customers, however the year prior to having TFPS, we had thousands of dollars in fraudulent calling activity that our customers refused to pay that we had to write off.  In the last year, that has been cut to less than $200.00!”
Terry Madden
“TFPS é um sistema primordial para sistema de telefonia da Unifique porque consegue evitar fraudes e limitar as possibilidades de uso fraudulento em países onde foram liberados."
Elton Salvador


The system works by analyzing call patterns and SIP headers. This includes but is not limited to geofencing, machine learning, sql injection detection, header and body rules

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Most systems are compatible.  The most popular open source PBX such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Kamailio and OpenSIPs were fully tested. 

We have several techniques. The most performant is SIP redirect, but you can also use 503/603 combination,  Restful API and dedicated SBC for international connections. 

It is still possible to be frauded even using TFPS. however the amount will be largely reduced. We don’t make any claim of zero fraud. The systems still have to be monitored closely. 

You still can handle possible false positives transferring to an operator or using a voice captcha. 

By email or Pager Duty

TFPS is part of an anti-fraud program. We tried for years to make it simple, but antifraud is a serious business and the integration is key. Without commitment and consultancy on the implementation, it won’t succeed. Ask for the free consultation and we can discuss the pricing for your company. 

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